School of Special Equipment Operators

The main goal of the School is the formation of professional human resources for the provision of high-tech logging and timber processing industries. The operator or machine operator of forest machines is one of the leading in the logging area. With the introduction of new complex harvester Harvesters and Forwarders into the cutting area, a new profession has emerged, "C","D","E", - the machine operator of forest machines (operator Harvestera, Forwarder). Harvesters are increasingly used in cutting areas. Harvesters refer to machines of cyclic action. The working period of the Harvester's work cycle includes:

  • access to the tree;
  • targeting, capturing;
  • sawing;
  • cutting of branches;
  • bucking to assortments.

The combination of these movements allows logging with a minimum number of staff workers. The efficiency and safety of the work performed depends to a large extent on the qualification of the operator and his actions in emergency situations. The analysis of accidents and injuries in the operation of machines shows that the greatest number of accidents and accidents occurs through the fault of the operator. Therefore, the Rules of the device and the safety of operation of Harvesters and Forwarders to the operator are subject to increased requirements.

For the courses of operators-operators Harvesters, Forwarders are accepted the tractor drivers having the category "C", "D", "E" or drivers of the category "B", "C". This program is intended for training and professional development, for employees of enterprises, regardless of the form of ownership and departmental belonging:

Teachers use a variety of forms and methods of teaching that contribute to the conscious and sustainable learning of the material being studied, make extensive use of visual aids for the presentation of educational material, illustrate it with examples from the practice of work.

The content of the programs, the number of hours devoted to the study of individual topics, and the sequence of the study of the material can be changed depending on the specific conditions of production and production experience. All students must master the professional skills and knowledge required in the training programs, which are necessary for successful work.

Practical mastering by the management of Harvester and Forwarder in the gym and on a special site using:

  • modern computers and programs;
  • Realistic simulator Harvester and Forwarder;
  • manipulator devices;

Practical classes are conducted on the cutting areas of the enterprise under the guidance of an instructor appointed by the director of the enterprise.

After mastering all the techniques and skills of working on this technique, students pass a qualification exam and receive a certificate of the established pattern.

In addition to the competent management of the machine, at the completion of the courses, all students are able to:

  • to carry out diagnostics and to find out faults;
  • promptly and competently eliminate them;
  • carry out work on the repair and maintenance of machinery, as well as its additional devices.