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Sawn timber

Sawn timber

Sawn timber is product of wood processing of a certain size and quality, which has at least two plane-parallel surfaces and is obtained by sawing logs. It is classified according to the species, the geometric shape of the cross section, the nature of processing, the location of the material in the log, the arrangement of the planes of the boards with respect to the direction of annual wood layers, its purpose, size and quality of wood.
Timber is divided into plates, quarters, boards, bars, billets, veneer and slabs.

Wood Industry Ukraine LLC manufactures products that have the appropriate certificates of origin, and also fully complies with the requirements of GOST and customer specifications. Having the modern hi-tech equipment, and also the qualified employees we guarantee high quality of our production and manufacturing of orders in the shortest terms. We are manufacturers which have direct deliveries of raw materials from the forestry enterprises, therefore we can offer you the best price!

Wood Industry Ukraine LLC makes and sells high-quality not edging, planed, conjoined, glued lumber. And also we offer services in wood drying.

Production which we make (sale in Ukraine and for export):

  • Lumber building edging freshening saws;
  • a board edging and not edging dry;
  • a bar edged dry;
  • a strip dry calibrated, planed;
  • a bar dry calibrated, planed;
  • lamella;
  • urgent lining, glued together;
  • block-house;
  • wooden baguette;
  • wooden skirting board;
  • blanks dry for longitudinal gluing.

Wood Industry Ukraine produces, purchases and sells high-quality edged and unedged timber.

Price is negotiable.
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Sales on the territory of Ukraine and export.


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